About the Committee

Every year, the committee is chosen by society members at the Annual General Meeting, or AGM.

The committee are the witches and wizards who create the society events and deals with the day-to-day running and management of a Queen Mary Student Union Society.
It is split into roles:

  • President/Co-Presidents – Manages the society overall and is the head of the committee. Ensures that everything happens as it is supposed to happen. They also help out any of the below roles with their responsibilities, and fills in for any unoccupied committee role!
  • Treasurer – Manages the finance of the society including all money going in and out of the society’s bank account and submitting grant applications.
  • Secretary – Notes and keeps a record of all meetings and books rooms.
  • Communications Officer – In charge of all communication via email or social media.
  • Creative Director – Designs any media needed by the society.
  • Social Secretary – In charge of the committee’s social activities.


Current Committee 2019/2020

Rosie Bowern & Aine Griffiths

Our committee is quite small this year, so the Co-Presidents will be taking on some additional responsibilities!

Rosie Bowern will be Creative Director and Head of Slytherin.

Aine Griffiths will be Secretary.

Jack McArdle


Head of Ravenclaw

Gigi Doughty                                  

Social Secretary

Head of Hufflepuff

Ryan Goddard             

Communications Officer

Head of  Gryffindor

 Current Prefects 2019/2020

Gryffindor Prefects


Ravenclaw Prefects


Hufflepuff Prefects


Slytherin Prefects