Wizard Duels

One of the more favorite past times of Hogwarts students, it is of course not allowed within the corridors of Hogwarts but I think we shall be quite safe within our society.

How to Duel

In muggle duelling both players cast spells at the same time as well as shift into one of four positions.

  • A player can move left, right, crouch or stay still. Note that if casting a blocking spell then you must stay still.
  • When the referee shouts 1,2,3 cast! Both players must shout their spell, point their wand in the direction they think their opponent will move but at the same time move into a different position themselves.
  • A player gets one point if the spell hits the other person in the direction the opponent has moved as long as the spell isn’t blocked.
  • If both players hit the other person then no one gets a point as the spells collide in mid-air.
  • Casting a blocking spell rebounds the spell gaining you 2 points. However casting a blocking spell requires you to cast the blocking spell that matches the type of spell your opponent casts. It also requires that you cannot move and thus can be hit by a spell cast in any direction but at the same time requires no direction in order to be used. E.g. if your opponent fires a physical spell then you must fire expecto patronum to get 2 points, otherwise the other person will get a point regardless of the direction of their spell as long as it’s a magical or mental spell.

The first to 10 points wins the duel.

Special Rules:

  • Instead of saying occlumency (because that would be stupid), the caster puts both their hands to their temples to indicate they are implementing occlumency.
  • There will be no killing so Avada Kedavra is not allowed but the other unforgivable curses are allowed and encouraged.





Blocked By



Shoot a stream of water at your opponent

Expecto Patronum

Lumos Solem

Blind your opponent with a ray of sunlight

Sectum Sempra

Gouge your opponent


Set your opponent on fire



Force your target to become still



Throw your opponent into the air


Knock your opponent’s wand out of their hand

Locomotor Mortis

The full body binding spell



Control your opponents mind



Torture your opponent


Make your opponent do whatever you want


Confuse your opponent

Note that the spell descriptions are just for interest and do not affect the duel.