Another past time of Hogwarts students. Whilst not as widely played as Wizard’s chess, it is still a staple of the house common rooms. There are four variants to the game: standard, classic, jack stone and snake pit. In each the shooter or the marble is always shot by placing the knuckles of your closed fist on the floor and using your thumb to shoot the marble out your fist and the playing field is always a circle of usually 3 meters diameter.


The aim is simple and if you’ve played muggle marbles you’ll recognize the game. Each player places 15 marbles into the center of the circle and you use your shooter to knock out your opponents marbles. If you knock a marble out you get another shot. In this version your shooter is always shot from the edge of the circle. The winner is the first person to shoot all your opponents marbles out the way.


In this version 15 random marbles are placed in a ring in the center of the circle. You have to knock 7 marbles out of the circle to win. The difference in this version is that you use the shooter from wherever it was left in the circle instead of taking your new shot from the edge of the circle. Also, if your shooter goes out of the circle you concede one marble to your opponent (if you knocked out a marble whilst doing this then you concede that marble).

Jack Stone

You and your opponent simply have take turns shooting 5 marbles each and whoever gets their marble closest to the Jack Stone in the center wins. If you knock the Jack Stone out the circle you automatically lose.

Snake Pit

The same as Jack Stone except there’s a hole in the middle instead of a Jack Stone. If your marble goes into the pit, that marble is lost. Whoever’s marble is closest wins!