Quidditch Tryouts for 2015/16 are taking place at TBC in Mile End Park on the TBC until TBC.

There are 4 positions to tryout for: Chaser, Keep, Beater and Seeker. You may tryout for as many as you want. On the day you will be given a number so the judges can identify you, all we require from you is that you wear clothing that matches your house colour.

If you would like to join your house team and the tryouts have already taken place please email us and your head of house will get in contact with you asap.


This tryout will be split into 2 parts. All you need to do is pass the ball and to score as many goals as possible within the allotted time. You will be against another house’s keeper who is also trying out at the same time.


For this tryout you will be defending the goals from another house’s potential chasers. You will be judged on how many goals you can save within an allotted time as well as the skill used to do it.


Trying out as a beater will involve you trying to hit your competitors with dodgeballs whilst avoiding them yourself. You will be judged on both how well you do at throwing and aiming as well as dodging.


The only skill a seeker requires is to be fast and so all you have to do for this tryout is to run a set distance as quickly as possible.

Map of Victoria Park

Victoria Park