We have a magical year ahead of us! Every Wednesday of term we will be gathering to bewitch and beguile!

Whether you dream of brewing your own potions that will help you pass exams or beguiling people with your transfiguration skills, we have something for you!

Term 1

Wednesday 18th September & Thursday 19th September! – Fresher’s Fair, Student Union Hub, 11am-5pm

Fresher’s Fair is the culmination of Freshers Week! Every Student Society dusts off their best banners and brightest smiles to welcome new and returning students to Queen Mary!

Be sure to pop in to our stall, where we’ll be handing out free Chocolate Frogs (we hold no responsibility if they leap away!) and will be happy to chat!




Wednesday 25th September – Sorting Ceremony, Blomely Rooms 1&2, 6.30pm-8.00pm

The Sorting Ceremony will be the first Harry Potter Society meet up of the year! Every new witch or wizard will be sorted into their house by our very own Sorting Hat. Make sure you’ve paid subs so you’ll be sorted!

This is your chance to find out whether you really are the Gryffindor you’ve always thought, or if there might be a little bit of Slytherin to you (and there’s nothing wrong with that! One of our President’s is a Slytherin!)  This is your first chance to mingle within your houses, and meet your fellow Hogwarts alumni!  This is an event not to be missed!

Make sure you’ve completed our sorting quiz and paid your membership (just on the right of this page) or we won’t be able to sort you on the day. Please fill in the sorting quiz here!


Wednesday 2nd October – Welcome to Hogwarts! Blomely Room 1, 6.30pm-8.00pm

Whether you’re a witch, wizard, or just a curious muggle, all are welcome! Try your hand at making your own potion (a cup of tea or coffee), get to know your fellow Hogwarts alumni & take a photo at Platform 9 3/4, brought to QM just for you!

Cards Against Muggles will make an appearance, as well as other wizarding games, so you can get to know your fellow magical brethren! There will also be various cuddly magical creatures for you to take your photo with in front of the backdrop of Platform 9 3/4s! So make sure you have your best Madam Malkin’s Wizarding robes on!


Further events will be posted shortly, so watch this space!


Become a member now and join the best and most interactive Society on campus! All events after the Sorting up to the AGM are worth house points so make sure you come to as many as you can and help your house win the prestigious House Cup!

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