1. Introduction

The Society shall be known as the Harry Potter Appreciation Society henceforth shortened to HPAS

1.1        Definitions

QMSU – Queen Mary, University of London Students’ Union.
HPAS – Harry Potter Appreciation Society

2. Objectives

The objectives of HPAS are stated in the Development Plan.

3. Affiliation           

This constitution shall be in co-ordination with the QMSU Articles of Association, Bye-Laws and Policies, paying particular attention to the Societies Bye-Law. The Society shall also abide by any external organisation’s regulations to which the Society is affiliated.

4. Membership 

Membership of the society shall be open to all those as stated in the QMSU Societies Bye-Law.

4.1        All members who purchase a membership will abide by the Societies Bye-Law and any other external body’s regulations to which the Society is affiliated.

4.2        Classes of membership

There shall be the following classes of membership:

(i)         Full membership

4.3        Refusal of membership

If it is considered by the HPAS committee that the granting or renewal of membership would be detrimental to the aims and objectives of the Society, by virtue of conduct or character likely to bring the Society disrepute or for some other similar good cause, the Society committee shall be entitled to refuse or withdraw such membership.

4.3.1     If the Society refuses membership to someone eligible the committee shall provide full reasons for their decision and grant a right of appeal to the Societies Officers. Following an unsuccessful appeal the member shall be allowed a refund on their subscription.

4.4        Cessation of membership

Any member may resign giving clear notice in writing/via email to the Society President but will not be reimbursed their membership fee.

4.4.1   Any member violating any of the Societies Bye-Law or being adjudged guilty of unsatisfactory conduct may, by resolution of the Committee, be suspended or expelled from the Society. The Committee will inform the Societies Team who will allow any member so suspended or expelled to appeal to QMSU, where the relevant Society Officer will approve or disapprove the Committee’s decision, and refer the decision to QMSU’s disciplinary procedure if necessary.

5. Subscription/Membership Fee

The rates of subscription/membership fee shall be determined by the incoming HPAS committee and published on the QMSU website.

6. Complaints                 

Where possible, complaints are best dealt with informally, and an individual or member with a complaint about treatment by the Society should set out their grievance, in the first instance to the Society President and then to the Societies Officer who will discuss it with the Societies Committee. The Society will respond to the complaint in a fair and timely manner and will inform the Society Manager of their response.

6.1       If the complainant feels that it either could not be resolved informally or the result was unsatisfactory they should  follow the procedure in the Complaints Procedure Bye-Law.

7. Committee

The Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Society as a whole and shall consist of at least the President and Treasurer.  Other roles will be decided by the committee as has been formed at that time with the President notifying the Societies Manager of any changes to the committee.

7.1       The President shall act as Chair or their nominee if they feel this would be appropriate. They will also take the role of Headmaster.

7.1.1     No committee meeting shall take place without the Chair unless it is to discuss the activities of the President which may be deemed to be against this constitution or the QMSU bye-laws, in this case the meeting shall be chaired by the relevant Societies Officer.

7.2       The Committee is responsible for the general conduct of the Society’s business and activities.

7.3       The Committee shall meet at regular intervals during the year, as required.

7.4       Special meetings of the Committee shall be called by the Chairman, or not less than 2 committee members.

7.5        A quorum shall consist of not less than 70% of the committee members.

7.6        In the case of casual vacancy among the Committee, the said Committee shall be entitled to appoint another eligible person to act until the next AGM.

8. Duties of Committee Officers

The term of office shall be from the date of the official handover till the date of the handover of the next year.

8.1        The space between each successive handover shall not be more than 1 year or less than 10 months, otherwise the handover date is at the discretion of the outgoing committee.

8.2        The duties of the President and Treasurer are defined in the QMSU Bye-Law: Societies.

8.3        The society will have other committee positions as stated in the Development Plan. Their duties shall be decided at the start of term by the committee and will be held to count by the rest of the committee and the society’s members.

9. Dismissal of Committee Members 

9.1        Principal Officers may be dismissed only by a vote of 50% of all members at an Extraordinary General Meeting or at the discretion of the Societies Committee if the principal officer has been found to violate this constitution or the QMSU bye-laws.

9.2        Committee Members may be dismissed by the President of the society together with at least 67% of the rest of the        committee or by a vote of 50% of all members at an Extraordinary General Meeting or at the discretion of the Societies Committee if the principal officer has been found to violate this constitution or the QMSU bye-laws.

10. General Meetings

10.1      An Annual General Meeting will take place before the end of semester B.

10.2      The meeting should be chaired by the President or their nominee in the case that the President is running for re-election.

10.3      The meeting will have a quorum of at least 10% of all members.

10.4      The Society may act on the basis of a decision made at an in-quorate meeting subject to ratification by the relevant Societies Officer or Societies Team, until such time as a quorate meeting rules to the contrary.

10.5      Calling an Annual General Meeting 

Notice of an Annual General Meeting must be given at least two full weeks in advance of the meeting to all members. 

10.5.1   Any agenda items must be submitted to the President of the Society at least two working days prior to the meeting taking place.

10.5.2   The agenda must be publicised for at least one working day prior to the start of the meeting.

10.6      Extraordinary General Meetings 

An Extraordinary meeting may be called by;

(i)         A Principal Officer; or

(ii)         By its members, provided that they present the President of the Society and the relevant Societies Officer a petition of names amounting to 1/10 of the Society membership and that the rules of the timing of the meeting, as above, are observed.

10.7      Absences of Quorum 

If after half an hour from the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum is not present, the Meeting shall be dissolved.  In any other case, the Meeting shall be adjourned until a time and place to be fixed by the Committee.

10.7.1   If a quorum is not present within half an hour from the time appointed for an Adjourned Meeting, the members present shall be a quorum.

11. Voting & Elections 

Voting at AGM shall adhere to the QMSU Societies Bye Law.

11.1      All members of HPAS who are full members of the Union can nominate themselves for the position of President. The committee will then shortlist from the nominees who stand for election.

11.1.1   Nominees for President will be shortlisted for election based on their dedication to the society and their organisational capacity.

11.2      Only members who have paid subs one month before the AGM date may vote in the elections.

12. Events 

Events to be held in the year must include a Sorting Ceremony to sort new members into one of the 4 great houses and a House Cup ceremony at the end of the year to award the house with the most house points the House Cup. All other events held are at the discretion of the committee.

12.1      The Sorting Ceremony must take place within 1 month of Fresher’s Fair

12.2      The House Cup must be awarded by the end of Semester B.

12.3      Events which have not been organised by the committee may be done so under the name of the society providing 10% of all members sign a petition stating they wish this event to go ahead. The event will be supervised by a member of the committee to ensure the society’s constitution and the QMSU bye-laws are adhered to.

13. Houses 

There shall be 4 houses in the society to which every non-committee member will be assigned at the sorting ceremony at the start of the year, these are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin.

13.1      Sorting is done at the discretion of the committee but must be done using a fair system.

13.2      Each house will be lead by 1 committee member which will be decided by the committee at the start of the year.

13.3      House Points may only be awarded and taken away by a committee member and are awarded/taken away at the discretion of the committee.

13.3.1   Any members who feel that house points have been awarded/taken away unfairly may appeal to the President whose decision on the matter will be final. The committee is entitled to dismiss a non principal officer committee member based on the grounds that said committee member was found to be abusing their power over the points system. These grounds may also be used to dismiss a principal officer in accordance with rule 9.1 of this constitution.

13.3.2   House Points are awardable from the start of the sorting ceremony until the House Cup is awarded.

13.4      The House Cup will be awarded at the end of the year to the House with the most points by the President.

14. Alteration of the Constitution

This constitution shall not be altered, amended or rescinded except by a General Meeting of the Society and ratification by the Society Manager.

14.1      A resolution to give effect to a change must be passed by at least 10% of the members present at the General Meeting, and voting on this behalf.

15. Power of Decision

Any matter not provided for in this constitution, or any question over the interpretation of it shall be dealt with by the relevant Society Officer and Societies Team whose decision will be final.

16. Safety

The Officers and Committee have primary responsibility for safe practice within the Society. Membership includes Public Liability Insura