About the Committee

The committee plays 2 roles; that of the society and that of the QM School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Each member on the committee will have a role in the society as well as a role as a staff member of the school. A new committee is chosen by society role at the end of year AGM. Whoever is elected as President also takes on the role of Headmaster. The staff roles are decided by the new committee at their first meeting and may be different from year to year to the society role (i.e. the secretary for this year is Head of Gryffindor but next year the secretary could be the Head of Slytherin, note that the President/Headmaster is the only exception to whom these 2 roles are fixed to 1 person).

In terms of the society, the committee helps with the running of the society including putting on events for members.
It is split into 6 roles:

  • President – Manages the society overall and is the head of the committee. Ensures that everything happens as it is supposed to happen.
  • Vice-President – Helps the President to run the society.
  • Treasurer – Manages the finance of the society including all money going in and out of the society’s bank account and submitting grant applications.
  • Secretary – Notes and keeps a record of all meetings and books rooms.
  • Communications Officer – In charge of all communication via email or facebook as well as the subcommittee (communications).
  • Creative Director – Designs any media needed by the society.
  • Social Secretary – In charge of the committee’s social activities.

In terms of the School, the staff (aka the committee) helps with providing a Hogwarts experience to the students (members).
It is also split into 6 roles:

  • Headmaster – See President above.
  • Head of Gryffindor – Manages the students of House Gryffindor.
  • Head of Hufflepuff – Manages the students of House Hufflepuff.
  • Head of Ravenclaw – Manages the students of House Ravenclaw.
  • Head of Slytherin – Manages the students of House Slytherin.
  • Headboy/girl – Manages the prefects (social)

There is also a subcommittee made up of 2 prefects from each house. They are led by the headboy/girl and are in charge of all social activities as well as under the leadership of the Communications Officer to do shout-outs in lectures. The prefects are elected at the AGM when a position becomes vacant (either the current prefect quits or graduates) and as such, is different from the committee in this relation in that they do not need to be re-elected every year and inherit their position until graduation.

Current Committee 2018/19

Ellie Capeling

Melissa Legg
Head of Slytherin


Divya Vayda

Head of Gryffindor

Âine Griffiths

Communications Officer
Head of Hufflepuff

Jack McArdle
Quidditch Captain
Head of Ravenclaw

Ryan Godden

Head Boy

 Current Prefects 2018/19

Gryffindor Prefects


Ravenclaw Prefects


Hufflepuff Prefects


Slytherin Prefects